How to Set and Forget Your 72-Hour Kit

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Why would we want to “Set and Forget” our 72 Hour Kits?

When we prepare our gear and survival kits we need to plan on the worst case scenario. For families, one of the worst things is being separated.

We need to use this same mentality when we prepare our 72 Hour Kits (Bugout Bags). After all it’s not only about our survival, but about making sure our loved ones are safe.

This tip that I’m about to share has saved me and my family a lot of time and money. It can also do the same for yours.

So here’s how you can set-and-forget your 72 Hour Kit. The lessons of two images can pay huge dividends in making sure your 72 Hour Kits are ready for years to come. (The first image is how I label the pockets. The second is how this tip can save you time and money.)

Set and Forget Your 72 Hour Kit

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is go through and label all the pockets of your 72 Hour Kit. Don’t get fancy. As you can see I used high-tech whiteout on black fabric.

Step 2:

Now if your wife, husband, kids, babysitter, etc is faced with a disaster years from now they will know exactly what is in the kit and where it is located. They  won’t have to dig through, maybe lose some stuff in the process, looking for something that isn’t there. Or something that is there but can’t find it. Here’s a larger image if my spreadsheet…

72 HK Inv for download page

I added an extra column as well that shows the expiration dates. This way I don’t have to check every bottle to see if it is still good.

All I have to do is pull out the spreadsheet and immediately see what needs to be changed out. This process takes only a few minutes. The spreadsheet I’m giving you can make it even quicker.

This is literally something you can do during a commercial break.

This spreadsheet is very effective. Instead of making your own, use mine to get you started even quicker.

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So this is a trick that I use. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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