11 Survival Hacks with Tin Foil

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Use Tin Foil in Survival SituationAluminum foil might just be up there with duct tape…

I know that’s a stretch but there’s a reason why you need aluminum foil in your survival kit or B.O.B. 

Here are some simple, but essential uses of tin foil in a survival situation. 

1. Drying your tinder

If you’ve ever had a hell of a time getting your tinder to light, you’ll appreciate this trick. You can dry your tinder by putting your tin foil on the ground in direct sunlight.

Then place your tinder on top and a one gallon ziplock bag on top of the tinder. The sun will heat the foil and tinder and cause the moisture to evaporate. Flip over the ziplock bag every few minutes so the condensation doesn’t soak back into the tinder. As you can see, I used grass in this photo but it works with all types of tinder.

dry tinder

Note: the photo above shows a mylar blanket but it is no different to replace it with the foil.

2. Temporary battery replacement

If you’re missing a battery or one is dead, you can still use your flashlight. Just roll up the foil in the shape of a battery and stick in in there. If you don’t believe me, I show you how to do it on my post Power a Flashlight With One Batter

3. Secure batteries in place

Much like the tip above, sometimes the springs in flashlights (or other electronic devices) break off or lose their ability to hold the battery in place. Fold up a little tin foil to keep it in place and provide conduit for electricity.

4. Signalling

This works just like a signalling mirror, just not as strong.

5. Boiling water

You can actually boil water by folding the tin foil into a bowl. The video below shows you exactly how to do this.

6. Cooking

There’s nothing like a tinfoil dinner under hot coals. In a survival situation, this might be your only option. Try your best to preserve that tin foil so you can re-use it multiple times.

You can also fold a flat piece over a “Y” shaped branch for a flat surface. Just make sure to fold the edges over the sides of the Y so the weight of you food isn’t too heavy for the foil to handle. 

7. Reflect heat

Line the aluminum foil around your campfire or heater to redirect some of that heat back to you.

8. Collect water

You can either make a bowl shape or line the inside of something like your hat to collect rainwater.

9. Sharpen Scissors

Fold the tin foil so it is a few layers thick then cut into them with your scissors.

10. Clean grease from pots and utensils 
Wrinkle up your aluminum foil a little then use it to scrape grease and gunk from your cookware. DO NOT use this on teflon type pots or it will cause unwanted damage.

11. Make gear water resistant

Wrap your gear in aluminum foil to protect it from moisture. This works great for fire starting material. Doing this will not make it water tight, but it will offer some protection.

If you have your own tips with Aluminum Foil, please share them in the comments below. 

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