11 Survival Uses for Tampons

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When the SHTF, there’s no shame. 
We may have to use unconventional products to get us through a crappy situation. Tampons may be one of these.


Here are the top 11 survival uses for tampons. 


1. Bandage


Tampons are sterile, come individually wrapped, and are extremely absorbent. These factors make tampons ideal for an improvised bandage. Just open up the tampon and apply it like you would a regular dressing pad. 

Many Army medics are also known to carry tampons to plug bullet-hole wounds.

2. Makeshift Survival straw

Stuff the cotton in the large section of the applicator to act as a filter and you have a basic survival straw. This method won’t remove smaller contaminates but it will filter out sediment. 


Disclaimer: This method in no way replaced the effectiveness of an actual survival straw, which is something you should have as part of your EDC. The survival straw that we recommend is below.



3. Cordage


The string part of the tampon can be as long as 6 inches. This isn’t much but it’s better than having nothing. 


4. Keep matches or tinder dry


Use the outside packaging for waterproof storage for your matches or tinder. You can actually use the cordage from #3 to tie the end,


5. Fishing bobber


The applicator tip can be used as an effective bobber for fishing. 
You can also use the outside packaging as well. Just fill it with something buoyant like dried grass or moss and tie the end to make it water tight. 


6. Filter water


You can pull the cotton out inside can be used to filter debris. Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle then stuff the cotton down towards the opening of the bottle. You can then use this makeshift filter to remove debris and sediment from the


7. Bore cleaner


Run a tampon just like bore patches for your rifle or shotgun. If you have a smaller caliber like a .22 or 5.56, just tear away portions until it slides snugly through the barrel. 
8. Fire tinder

Have trouble finding dry tinder? Many tampons are made of cotton, which is ideal tinder. Pull out the inside and get it ready to catch a spark. If you have some petroleum jelly handy rub it in the cotton for a more effective tinder.9. Stop a nose bleed

Pretty self explanatory on this one. 

10. Detect pollution in water


Researchers at the University of Sheffield found that tampons are ideal for detecting certain types of contaminants. You will need a UV light to make this method work. You can read more about it by clicking here.


11. Candlewick


In a survival situation, you may need to make a candle out of things like cooking oil, shortening, animal fat, etc. The string from a tampon is ideal for wick material. 


If you have your own survival hacks for tampons, go ahead and leave them in the comments below. 


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